Be the One in 2021

Chosen By God August 21, 2015


Out of all the others God Chose You!


5 Responses to “Chosen By God”

  1. Frances Stitt. Says:

    I didn’t get the last one of the blog that you send everyone.

  2. pastorowens2 Says:

    Yes WE made it! Acceleration and Transformation will take place in your life because you are Expecting it.

  3. Andrea Says:

    Yaayy we made it thank you Lord for guiding me thru this fasting! it was not easy but for the love I have for you i truly wanted to engage enlist,enlarge and to start my expectaion,accelaration and my transformation this year I do have to step up with my relationship with God and that is felling his word for my life.

  4. Andrea Says:

    I have chosen Jesus Christ to be my guidence.i praise him more than ever especially him giving up his like on that hill for us.

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