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Day 1 – Reflections January 9, 2018

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As I reflect on today’s time of fasting and prayer I must say that God is awesome.  On my way to an appointment earlier today I stopped at the gas station on Northwest 119th and 17th Avenue and low and behold while I was inside paying for the gas my car was scraped by another car. 😦 BUT in spite of it all God is still good.  I could have been walking back to the car and I could have been hit. 🙂  If you are wondering “All is well” thank God!

Whenever I am in a time of prayer and fasting my body and mind goes into this place of peace and rest because without the normal food intake I have no energy to fight people about things I cannot control. (lol)  I thank God so much for his mercy and grace.  Reflecting on today I saw the mercy of God, the protecting hand of God and the peace of  and with God.  Making time to seek Him is always worth it!

Came in from New Member Orientation about an hour ago and now I am baking my dinner at the moment  (Potatoes, Pole Beans and Carrots)  and yes my third glass of water.   I hope it tastes good. (Lol)  One thing I do not profess to be, a cook. (Lol)  So anyone have any special meals to share (physically or spiritually?)  In your seeking God first what did you learn or hear?


Focus for Day #2 will be online at midnight.



2 Responses to “Day 1 – Reflections”

  1. Brittany Owens Says:

    Amen thank God all is well

  2. Tashawndra Washington Says:

    This is awesome to hear.
    I was challenge today with walking in the fruits of the spirit and my peace being disturb. It was a fight but I got through it. I had to repent because I was weak but I had to encourage myself not to let this fasting and praying to be done in vain. The joy of the Lord is my strength. I wasn’t sure about all of this at first but I’m very sure my life is heading in the right direction. This is great for disciplining ourselves during this time. Thanks

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