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Prayer and Fasting – Day #3 “Obedience” November 3, 2016

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Today’s prayer focus is “Obedience”.  Biblical obedience in a nutshell is just “doing” what God asks you to do without adding to or taking away from the direction.  In our daily walk with God this can sometimes be challenging, but, one thing I do know, if God calls you to it, and you step out and do it, He will take you through it!  At the wedding feast in John 2:5 Jesus’ mother spoke this word to his servants, ……Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it.”  …….they did and God moved.  I believe miracles still happen today for those you believe! Today ask the Father to give you strength and power to honor Him as you step out in obedience and “whatever He says to you to do, do it“!




What has God been asking you to do? 



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  1. Sista SWLee Says:

    I have been of this faith walk many years. I ‘ve come to see and witness some leaders in of spiritual positions attempting to override what God has instructed my heart to do,and become offended because i will not conform to their will. I have an issue with this type of leadeship. I know my father’s voice and have heard him call my name audibly. I have a relationship with my father and know his touch and his discipline in my life. I sometimes feel like an outsider in this walk. Every now and then I ‘ll pass a sojouner on the narrow and lonely road. But,my father gives me my joy and comfort to continue moving forward in his way and word! Amen..may the true spirit of hope and care continue to guide me into all his truth and righteous for his name same! And that I might honored before him to keep his ways for his mission down here. I want to please my God only without question and not man’s.

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